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I have a big database file in the project in the last version of android everything working fine but in the older i an error that tht database is too big :Data exceeds UNCOMPRESS_DATA_MAX

I search on the web but i did not find any answer

I will appreciate help thank you

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Please read below for the possible solution (worked for me).

I too was unable to run my app on versions older than 2.3.3 but when I renamed my .html file (which was 4MB due to Web SQL commands) to .jet (or for that matter any already-compressed extension as mentioned in enter link description here), it worked fine on 2.1 update1 and 2.2 also.

The problem was Android versions older to 2.3.3 were trying to compress all files more than 1MB in size in the /assets/ folder. So, I renamed it to already-compressed extension so that the Android does not try to compress it again. Though I am not aware of Android programming, I think that is what is happening after reading the above and few other links online.

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