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is there any way to edit/change the default locale setting in localeconv()?

I would like to use the the money_format function, and it works fine, but the locales for my language/region are not correct.

To be more precise, for Croatia, we use the currency symbol after the number, not before like set in local values?

Are there any ways I can edit this? Or at least manually check, change values, and send new values to setlocale()?

Working on shared hosting btw.

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And what's wrong with php.net/manual/en/function.setlocale.php ? –  gd1 Apr 26 '11 at 13:38
There is nothing wrong with setlocale. Only that it accepts just the language strings as a parameter. And therefore loads the incorrect default values for my language –  ZolaKt Apr 26 '11 at 13:44
Have you looked into i18n PHP extension? –  Ethan Apr 26 '11 at 14:28
@Ethan: no, but ill check it out. Actually i18n is not what I'm looking for, I already got it covered with kohana. But anyway ill have a look –  ZolaKt Apr 26 '11 at 15:10
Kohana's i18n is technically just a framework for localization, where you provide translations (looks like). The PHP extenstion provides methods for localized time/date/currency, etc. –  Ethan Apr 26 '11 at 18:16
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2 Answers

number_format() has nothing to do with currency symbols, you probably meant money_format(), but ... well - just use number_format() and append whatever currency symbol you want to the return value.

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yes...sorry... money_format()... ill edit the question –  ZolaKt Apr 26 '11 at 14:08
i think ill just make my own money_format function, which accepts additional parameters like $foreceSymbolRight etc. –  ZolaKt Apr 26 '11 at 14:09
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If anyone is interested, I made it work with my own replacement of the money_format() function. It is basically copy-paste from here with added parameters for forceRight and noSpace

class Helper_Locales
    public static function formatNumber($number, $isMoney=false, $forceRight=false, $noSpace=false) {
        $lg = isset($lg) ? $lg : setlocale(LC_MONETARY, '0');
        $ret = setLocale(LC_ALL, $lg);
        setLocale(LC_TIME, 'Europe/Paris');
        if ($ret===FALSE) {
            echo "Language '$lg' is not supported by this system.\n";
        $LocaleConfig = localeConv();
        forEach($LocaleConfig as $key => $val) $$key = $val;

        // Sign specifications:
        if ($number>=0) {
            $sign = $positive_sign;
            $sign_posn = $p_sign_posn;
            $sep_by_space = $p_sep_by_space;
            $cs_precedes = $p_cs_precedes;
        } else {
            $sign = $negative_sign;
            $sign_posn = $n_sign_posn;
            $sep_by_space = $n_sep_by_space;
            $cs_precedes = $n_cs_precedes;

        // Number format:
        $n = number_format(abs($number), $frac_digits,
            $decimal_point, $thousands_sep);
        $n = str_replace(' ', ' ', $n);
        switch($sign_posn) {
            case 0: $n = "($n)"; break;
            case 1: $n = "$sign$n"; break;
            case 2: $n = "$n$sign"; break;
            case 3: $n = "$sign$n"; break;
            case 4: $n = "$n$sign"; break;
            default: $n = "$n [error sign_posn=$sign_posn !]";

        // Currency format:
        $currency_symbol = strtolower($currency_symbol);
        $m = number_format(abs($number), $frac_digits,
            $mon_decimal_point, $mon_thousands_sep);
        if ($sep_by_space && !$noSpace) $space = ' '; else $space = '';
        if ($cs_precedes && !$forceRight) $m = "$currency_symbol$space$m";
        else $m = "$m$space$currency_symbol";
        $m = str_replace(' ', ' ', $m);
        switch($sign_posn) {
            case 0: $m = "($m)"; break;
            case 1: $m = "$sign$m"; break;
            case 2: $m = "$m$sign"; break;
            case 3: $m = "$sign$m"; break;
            case 4: $m = "$m$sign"; break;
            default: $m = "$m [error sign_posn=$sign_posn !]";
        if ($isMoney) return $m; else return $n;
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