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I wanted to know if parsing the INI file in the constructor is ok or is there a more optimal process?

So my current process is to pass the INI file while instantiating the class like this:

$bar = new Foo('/path/to/class.ini');

So in my class constructor I have something like this:

public function __construct($ini_file) {
    $ini = parse_ini_file($ini_file, true);

    // Then set all the variables I need here from the INI
    $this->variable_setting = $ini['ini_section']['ini_variable'];   
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Doing it in the constructor is fine. However, if you don't always need it, you might want to do it in a separate method which is called only when the ini file is actually needed.

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I like to exit the process if something is not configured correctly. – Phill Pafford Apr 26 '11 at 13:47
In this case throw an exception – ThiefMaster Apr 26 '11 at 13:49

I would prefer to create a concrete interface with the config parameters you want to use. I.e.,

public function __construct($someConfigValue, $anotherConfigValue)
   $this->_configValue1 = $someConfigValue;
   $this->_configValue2 = $anotherConfigValue;

However, if you are expecting a lot of different configurations, then you are probably better off passing it an array instead.

public function __construct($config)
   $this->_configValue1 = $config['someConfigValue'];
   $this->_configValue2 = $config['someConfigValue'];

The reason why I recommend this is it shifts the responsibility of loading configurations outside of the class (which I presume your class has nothing to do with configuration loading in itself) and creates a more logical interface. Plus, it decouples config files directly from your class.

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