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Developing a WP7 app, and I'm trying to post something to the user's feed. We have all this working on iPhone already, and we have a test account created already. With the iPhone it's able to post to our test user's page.

I'm trying to use the Facebook C# sdk to do the same thing, using the same account. I can successfully login to the test user's account and obtain the AccessToken. When I login, the extended permissions I request from the user are "read_stream", "publish_stream", "publish_checkins".

When I try to do something like this:

var client = new FacebookClient(access_token);
var parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>
    { "message", "Howdy!" }

client.PostAsync("/me/feed", parameters);

Then it fails, and observing client.PostCompleted I see the error is:

(EntCannotSeeExistenceException) The entity (class EntPlatformTestUser) backed by id 1234 cannot be seen by the current viewer 1234 (EntID: 1234)

I found a blog post[1] where someone was running into this exception, and he solved it by switching out of sandbox mode. But we're already not in sandbox mode. Plus, as I described above, everything is working just fine using the iPhone SDK. This leads me to think that I'm just doing something wrong with the C# SDK.


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After doing some more poking around I've learned that: 1/ The iPhone SDK is not using the Graph API, it's just using iframes in web browser controls, and 2/ when I do this with a non-test user, it works just fine. That makes me wonder wtf is the point of test users if they can't access any of the Graph API. :) – bratsche Apr 26 '11 at 15:40
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I had the same problem just now:

  • posting does not work with old test account that was made through old website procedure.

  • posting works ok with real account

Solution: create new test user through new graph API and it should work. At least it worked for me.

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