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To check if my web is running correctly in all browsers I have to open them.

Are there any tools or websites which could help me achieve it easier?

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Do you want to check functionality or just a screen shot to show that it is working? –  EvanGWatkins Apr 26 '11 at 14:05

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my favorite by far is Adobe's Browser Lab


check your site in all browsers and multiple versions of: chrome, safari, IE, FF

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Browser labs is WAY better than browsershots because it's instantaneous. The last time I used browsershots there was a 48 hour wait to get access to shots for certain browser combinations. –  bpeterson76 Apr 26 '11 at 16:08

Browser Shots is definetly what you are looking for.

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Unfortunately I dont know any, I wish I did!

Though most of the time the problem is Internet Explorer and his strange behaviors changing from version to version, there is IE Tester which let you try on multiple IE version at the same time. Pretty useful!

I just found http://browsershots.org/ that seems pretty good and solid, I had neverheard of this before, I'll give it a shot and suggest you to do so!

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If you just need to see screen-shots without interactivity, browsershots.org is a good starting point.

There are other solutions that you can automate, but they cost money, so start with Browser Shots and see how you get on.

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