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Multiple inheritance implies that you inherit functionality from multiple base classes. Since interfaces define interfaces, not implementations, the answer is no.

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To some extent, yes. The classic "is-a" relationship that inheritance provides can be expanded with the use of interfaces. Meaning, if a class inherits from another class, and implements 3 interfaces, an object of this class can be passed into a method that takes the base class, or any of the three interfaces as parameters. So, in a sense, this class "is-a" one of 4 different things. Makes sense?

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Conceptually, interfaces can allow you to have multiple is-a relationships with other categories of classes. This is part of why multiple inheritance is used.

For example,

public class TradeReport : IReport, ITrade, IComplianceRecord

Provided the class above implements the methods of all three interfaces meaningfully, you can use it to describe a report, a trade, and a compliance record.

But, that's the limit. There's no implementation inheritance in interfaces.

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