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I'm using a dataTable with a dataScroller. I've added the 'Page' atribute to my dataScroller and put getter and Setters in the bean.

How can I check the current page a user is on in the bean?

Do I have to manually maintain the backing bean value each time a user selects a new page, hits next, previous, etc?

<a4j:outputPanel id="renderArea">
    <rich:dataTable id="testTable" rows="5" value="#{testBean.myList}" var="item">

<!-- Get called when clicking on button inside renderArea -->
<a4j:commandButton id="HIDDENRERENDER"  reRender="renderArea,PTScroll" value="+test"  style="display:none"/> 

<a4j:outputPanel id="PTScroll">
        <rich:datascroller  for="testTable" maxPages="20" renderIfSinglePage="false" page="#{testBean.myPage}" />

public class testBean 
    private int myPage = 1;

    public void initialise()

    public int getMyPage()
        return myPage;

    public void setMyPage(int page)
        this.myPage = page;



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You don't need to manually set the testBean.myPage . It will automatically set to a new page number when you are navigating back and forth using the <rich:datascroller>

To change the page value programatically, just assign set a new page number to the testBean.myPage in some action method. Then reRender the <rich:datascroller>

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Thanks Ken. How can I access and change the page value in backing bean though? (without having the user select a page number on the front end) – Thomas Buckley May 4 '11 at 19:35
Hi Mcloving .I just updated my answers to respond your question – Ken Chan May 5 '11 at 13:43

What scope do you use to call the testBean?

Try this, the paging works only in the first time:

public class testBean {
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