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I have a simple solution with the following projects as follows (base namespaces match the project name)...


I'm just trying to find a better name for BusinessLayer, I just don't really like it for some reason. So my question is what do you call your BusinessLayer projects/namespaces.

article on namespace guidelines http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms229026.aspx

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Polls tend to work better if they're marked Community Wiki (edit your post and click the checkbox). Otherwise, they tend to encourage duplicate responses (rather than voting up/down on existing answers). – Shog9 Feb 23 '09 at 20:28
Polls don't work at all in the SO format imo. Either duplicates happen anyway or since anyone can add a valid poll response, the results are so diluted as to be useless. – EBGreen Feb 23 '09 at 20:32
Polls also suffer from the "fastest gun" problem, not that it matters too terribly much. – Robert S. Feb 23 '09 at 20:34
I like your question jayrdub – matt_dev Feb 23 '09 at 21:00
Yeah, the incredible accuracy of normal Internet Polls just doesn't carry through to SO polls. ;-P I suspect these questions get asked more in the hopes that someone will provide a well-reasoned answer that the author agrees with, than out of any real desire for consensus. Meh... – Shog9 Feb 23 '09 at 21:19

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I would drop the "Layer" suffix: MyCompany.MyProduct.Business

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We just use BL because it stands for both Business Layer and BudLight.

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In the past I've just called it "Business".

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I do Client.Project.BusinessObjects

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In Java, I use the com.companyname.applicationname.* "standard," even though it's a little old-school.

In C#, I use the CompanyName.ApplicationName.* approach.

In both cases * will usually be business for the business layer, data for the data layer, and so on.

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Our Business Logic and Data Access Layers

CompanyName.ApplicationName.BLL CompanyName.ApplicationName.DAL

An alternative might be BusObj or something like that.

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I've seen BusinessLogic, but it as noted by the rest of the answers here a lot of time you will see...

  • MyCompany.MyProduct.DataAccessLayer (or DAL)
  • MyCompany.MyProduct.BusinessEntities (or BusinessObjects)
  • MyCompany.MyProduct.BusinessLogic
  • MyCompany.MyProduct.Web.Service
  • MyCompany.MyProduct.Web.Site

Another good reference for this type of stuff is the Framework Design Guidelines book.

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Most of the apps we work on use DAL for Data Access Layer and BR for Business Rules...

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Ours are:


The first is mostly classes from the original version of our application, which describe the central trading objects. The second is classes that provide non-trading specific functionality (configuration, multi-machine, etc.) The third is for specific domains of trading (one for each service we talk to, one for calculating value, etc.)

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Why map the layers directly in a one-to-one relationship with namespaces in the first place? Layering is a technique to break apart complicated software systems. It’s a way of seeing the principal subsystems arranged like a cake, where each layer rests upon a lower layer. Higher layers use services from lower layers, but the lower layers are unaware of the higher. An application can easily have multiple packages of each the subject areas (presentation, business, data source).

For example, in a web application, the HTML and CSS is part of the presentation layer, but neither of these documents would reside in the MyCompany.MyProduct.PresentationLayer namespace.

So, to answer your question “What do you call your business layer base namespace?” absolutely nothing. Such a namespace shouldn’t exist. Namespaces should be named by features. Business layer is not a feature. Neither is presentation layer, data layer, or service layer.

Just my two bits.

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