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I have a javascript plugin in my rails project that loads an image this way:

    $('.datepicker').after('<img class="datepickericon" src="images/icons/calendar.png" alt="calendar" />');

Unfortunately in a rails project this image location will point to a path relative to the view where the javascript is loaded. So the pointed location is something like


I know i could change the value of src to something like


This would work, but it is dependent on the amount of namespaces etc. I don't like to change the code of a plugin every time a use it for different situations.

So what i am looking for is a lasting solution to this image/file location problem when loading something in a (rails) project through javascript. Ofc, no absolute paths or ruby code in my javascript files.

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You have a relative url. You want:

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Thanks, I didn't knew that a forward slash in the beginning of a url replaces the base url, i.e. '/' replaces 'localhost:####'. –  Harm de Wit Apr 27 '11 at 9:46

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