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How I can implement the following screen.

enter image description here

What are ui controls can be used for implementation the same grid behavior? I'm seeing UITableView, but it doesn't support multi columns. How can be?

Thanks, Anatoly

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How about a UITableViewCell with three (if you count the stars it'll make six) UIImageViews and three UILabels?

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You could put three UIImageViews and three UILabels below the images per cell.

Here's a tutorial on how to draw grids in a UITableView.

But for your case I'd do it with interface builder for a custom UITableViewCell:

enter image description here

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Basing from your requirements, I think you should use AQGridView,

I found it here: https://github.com/AlanQuatermain/AQGridView You can download the sample code.

I've downloaded the sample code and run it on my iPad 5.0 Simulator, here is the screenshot: AQGridView in portrait mode

and what amazed me most is that when you switch your device to landscape mode, it automatically displays the images in four columns (to utilize the space):

AQGridview in landscape mode

I hope this helps.

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Customizing UITableViewCell to contain many cells inside and rendering each cell as needed.

Anyway, it's not a good practice to do that in your controller. You should build an external control to handle it.

Please take a look at my UIGridView. It uses the explained technique and produce the result that you want.

Here is the screenshot:

UIGridView Example

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