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So all of a sudden I couldn't run my website any longer getting server error 500.19. Turned out that I had lost the IUSR and IIS_IUSRS accounts on my web project directory (or at least that resolved the issue).

I definitely didn't do anything with permissions either at a folder level or within IIS, and the only change I had made that could have had control that was out of my hands was installing a NuGet package (structuremap-mvc3) through NuGet in Visual Studion 2010.

I am curious on why or how it could loose permissions. My worries is there is another or larger issue that still has looming issues and I am only aware of the one problem that I resolved with the loading of the web.config file.

Any thoughts?

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Could you (or someone else) have re-created the folder? If permissions were explicitly set on that folder, but it was removed/re-created, it'd probably inherit the parent folders permissions again. We generally try to set IIS permissions on the parent ("Websites") folder so all newly-created folders will inherit them.

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