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I want to design an application. Application that can allow the user to register their phone number and they will be reminded by autocaller in the case of natural disasters. 5 Minutes before Tsunami hits or 1 hour before the Cyclone hit the area.

What technologies can be use to develop such kind of application and how ?

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You could also take a look at platforms like www.ushahidi.com and www.frontlinesms.com (which would be notification by sms rather than call). They've been active in disasters like the Haiti earthquake, and I think also Japan. –  Mathias Lin May 25 '11 at 5:27

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I imagine you could monitor xml or json weather feeds from local or national weather station websites, then calculate how far away the storms are with wind speeds, then use an telephony library/package to place the call and manage the audio.

Because you didn't specify a language, I will post about the things I know of in Python.

Python has Skype4Py or you could try twilio and if I recall correctly, python had an IVR library not too long ago, or you could try Py-Asterisk

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Thank you. I'm fluent in java. But at least now I have idea of how to do that using Python. –  zawhtut Apr 27 '11 at 3:18
No problem. Some of these come in different flavors. Here is Skype API for Java skype.sourceforge.jp/… –  adorablepuppy Apr 27 '11 at 6:58

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