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I have to carry multimaster replication between Oracle 11G and Oracle 10g instances. Oracle 10G instance is Master Definition site. But I am facing some problem, while multimaster replication between 2 oracle 10G instances are working fine.

I want to ask is multimaster replication possible between Oracle 10G and Oracle 11G. Has anybody successfully set up such environment ?


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I used same scripts and I was successful in doing replication between 2 Oracle 10G instances. I was successful in doing replication between 2 Oracle 11G instances using same scripts. But 10G-11G replication failed. So I was wondering, if this is even possible ? – Niraj Patel Apr 27 '11 at 17:36
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If you are attempting to use Data Guard, Oracle does not support replication using databases with different versions. It is worth noting that Data Guard supports replication to different operating systems, assuming they share the same endianness and the db versions are the same.

Using Oracle GoldenGate it is definitely an option to configure replication across different versions (and different OS's...and different DB vendors)

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