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I have the below and IE is telling me 'id' is null or not an object. Works fine in all other browsers so thinking it might be a code formatting issue in IE? Thoughts?

function addZoom(region){
    $('<img />').addClass(settings.zoomClass)
            src: settings.blankImage,
            id: region.id
            position: 'absolute',
            width: region.width,
            height: region.height,
            top: region.top,
            left: region.left,
            cursor: 'pointer'
            //hide neighboring bullets and zoomables
            var width = settings.width;
            var height = settings.height;
                width = region.scanwidth;
                height = region.scanheight;
                   .attr('src', region.image)
                        width: width,
                        height: height,
                        top: '0px',
                        left: '0px'
                    }, settings.zoomDuration, '', function(){


Here is full code: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27101260/map.js

The error is being thrown at id: region.id in the above snippet.

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Where in your code is the error being thrown? Is it on id: region.id ? If so, it looks to me like you have an issue with your variables scope for region. This is something that internet explorer is notoriously picky about.

Could you post the rest of your code, in particular the bit where region is being assigned?

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Here is full code: link The error is being thrown at id: region.id in the above snippet. –  RonnieT Apr 26 '11 at 16:45

You are passing region into the addZoom function. You access region.id in attr. It looks like (without any additional information) that the id value is not set at this point. Have you inspected the code at runtime to see if region is in the correct scope (particularly whenever you call addZoom)?

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