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Im using the PHP Form Builder Class and its TinyMCE implementation . I am then passing it through to a Twig template.

If I enter any bold text into TinyMCE though , when it comes through to the Twig , the special chars are escaped.


<strong>im bold</strong> 

shows in the browser, and the source is

&lt;strong&gt;im bold&lt;/strong&gt;

I have tried using:

    entity_encoding : "raw"

Ive also tried writing a function :

function html_chars($text) {
$badchars = array( "&lt;" , "&gt;   ");
$goodchars   = array("<" , ">" );
return str_replace($badchars, $goodchars, $text);


but that doesn't work either.

any idea on how to stop this replacement?

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Using Twig raw solved this:

{% autoescape true %}
{{ var|raw }} {# var won't be escaped #}
{% endautoescape %}
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