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I'm developing a WCF Data Service with self tracking entities and I want to prevent clients from inserting duplicated content. Whenever they POST data without providing a value for the data key, I have to execute some logic to determine whether that data is already present inside my database or not. I've written a Change interceptor like this:

public void OnChangeEntity(MyEntity item, UpdateOperations operations){
  if (operations == UpdateOperations.Add)
    // Here I search the database to see if a matching record exists.
    // If a record is found, I'd like to use its ID and basically change an insertion
    // into an update.
    item.EntityID = existingEntityID;

However, this is not working. The existingEntityID is ignored and, as a result, the record is always inserted, never updated. Is it even possible to do? Thanks in advance.

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Hooray! I managed to do it.

item.EntityID = existingEntityID;
this.CurrentDataSource.ObjectStateManager.ChangeObjectState(item, EntityState.Modified);

I had to change the object state elsewhere, ie. by calling .ChangeObjectState of the ObjectStateManager, which is a property of the underlying EntityContext. I was mislead by the .MarkAsModified() method which, at this point, I'm not sure what it does.

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