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i have AIR application and I need save some data to PDF file..can i do it some simple??
is different way for save image to pdf or save only text to pdf??

thanks for help

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There are ActionScript 3 libraries for creating PDFs. Take a look at purePDF or AlivePDF. Here are some of the features from purePDF:

  • support for pdf viewers display options
  • alpha transparency
  • layers and layers membership
  • support for pdf text rendering
  • tables ( nested tables, page split tables, table with images, etc...)
  • patterns, shadings patterns (linear and gradient), spot colors, rgb color and cmyk color
  • linear and radial gradients with alpha
  • forms (user input forms, textfields, combo box, list, checkbox)
  • paragraphs, phrases, chunks for text manipulation
  • image patterns
  • lists
  • images ( png, tif, jpeg, bitmapdata, gif, animated gifs)
  • metadata, page header and footers
  • javascript
  • multi column text

Also take a look at some of the purepdf exampels on their Google Code wiki or their examples source on GitHub.

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I've heard purepdf has way more features than alive. Thats my 2 cents :) – Technik Empire Apr 26 '11 at 17:13

Check it out alivepdf

Hopes that helps

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