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Screen 1: City Selection screen (home screen)
Screen 2: Tabhost consisting of a map activity in one tab and a listview in another tab.

Problem: When I access the map activity from the home screen the back button doesn't work. In fact it doesn't do anything. I'm even trying to see if it will receive any calls by overriding the "OnBackPressed" function...

public void onBackPressed()  {

Nothing comes up. It should go back to the home screen. I tried both on the emulator and my android device with the same result.

What does work

  • When I launch the map on its own (not in a tabhost), the back button works fine
  • When in the listview in tab 2, the back button works fine

Is it possible that something else is taking scope away from the mapview that might be accepting the onBackPressed event? I also tried to see if the activity that is holding the tabhost is accepting the onBackPressed event and it's not.

Any other thoughts anyone?

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OK, so what's happening is that the ActivityGroup that the MapActivity is being launched by via "startChildActivity" is receiving the back button events, but it's not going back to the splash page. Is there a way to force it back? When I look at the activity stack the, Activity that holds the tabhost comes after the homescreen activity. Is this helping my question make more sense or convoluting it? I need some more ideas to figure out how to get it to work correctly. –  GKeps Apr 26 '11 at 18:51
OK, never mind everyone. The parent Activity Group was overriding the onBackPressed function and doing something else to it. The ActivityGroup that I'm using is part of a class that was written by someone else. CRISIS AVERTED! Maybe this post will help someone else in the future. –  GKeps Apr 26 '11 at 19:02
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