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I'm aware of IE, Safari, Firefox and Opera but are there any other browsers out there that are worth knowing about? I've had several friends that don't like IE but then some of the above don't work on their computer either and I felt it'd be nice to have a few more alternatives.

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Have a look at the Wikipedia's List of Web Browsers.

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I would definitely add Konqueror to that list. Also, you could have a look at your web page through Links (doesn't show up correctly in the editor, but search for it on Wikipedia)

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Lynx :-)

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I would pay more attention to Layout Engines then actual browsers. It is the layout engine that ultimately renders the page how you'd like it or not. For example Safari and Konqueror use pretty much the same layout engine. Same for Flock and Firefox.

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Safari and Knoqueror aren't quite the same: WebKit is forked from KHTML. – TRiG Apr 23 '10 at 11:47

OffByOne. It's extremely small and fast, but only supports HTML 3.2. It's buggy, doesn't support Javascript or CSS, and downloading is very hampered, but I use it when I just want to view a page for it's text, and I want to do it as fast as I can.

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And now we can add Google's Chrome to the list.

The interface is a bit spartan, and the multi-process nature of the program makes it a bit unwieldy on a lesser system (such as a low memory budget PC), but otherwise it is quite a nice browser.

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If you are old school like me, try Seamonkey. It is the direct descendant of netscape and mozilla suite.

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