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suppose i have my own servers for my site and i want to make a site that can convert .doc documents to pdf (this is just an example.i want to do many other things).i have a doc to pdf converter software installed on the server .can i use php to make a site that receives the user's input file , sends the file to the software and receives the output pdf file which is finally sent to the user to download. can i do this? if yes then how?

if this can be done then can i also do it by using a web hosting company instead of my own servers?

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suppose it depends on what OS you are running but you can use www.php.net/exec to execute command-line code, or if your OS/program is windows-based you might be able to make use of www.php.net/COM –  Crayon Violent Apr 26 '11 at 17:26

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Yes. You can do this via PHP's exec() function. What you're allowed to execute will depend on the server you're running PHP on. Also, be careful about what you execute. ;)

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Basically, yes.

The most straightforward way is using one of the program execution functions like exec(). Those are probably what you want. There are also more specialized, more seldom used ways here.

Whether your hosting company allows executing programs is a different matter - most have these functions blocked for security reasons, because you usually share a server with many other web sites. You'll have to ask your provider to make sure.

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