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I am trying to copy files out to a network directory during a build, and I keep getting a " No such file or directory" error message.

Copying to local drive works fine: cp -Rf c:/Jenkins/deployments/TW_ISSUE_A/src c:/Jenkins/deployments/TW_ISSUE_A/target

The following all throw the same message:

  • cp -Rf c:/Jenkins/deployments/TW_ISSUE_A/src H:/some_dir

  • cp -Rf c:/Jenkins/deployments/TW_ISSUE_A/src H:\some_dir

  • cp -Rf c:/Jenkins/deployments/TW_ISSUE_A/src //Hubbell/MISGenl/some_dir

  • cd c:/Jenkins/deployments/TW_ISSUE_A/src rsync -avuzb //Hubbell/MISGenl/Projects/Tronweb/TronwebBuilds/test/ora/sql/

  • cp -Rf c:/Jenkins/deployments/TW_ISSUE_A/src /cygdrive/h/some_dir

I've even created a shell script to call from Jenkins, but I continue to receive that message.




#fetch the artifacts

(cd "$remote_stage_dir" && wget "$url" && tar xvf build-TW_ISSUE_A_BUILD.tar dat
 java ora && rm -rf *.tar && cp -r ./ora/* ../INTEGRATION)

Is there any way to copy files out to a mapped drive on the build machine?

Thank you!!

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I would guess the mapped drive isn't available in the services context, or that the user executing Jenkins doesn't have access to it. What user is Jenkins running as?

Edit: I think your problem has two aspects:

  1. The user running the Jenkins service isn't allowed to connect to the network.
  2. h: isn't known to the user.

If you haven't modified it, the service is most likely running under the LocalSystem account. You can modify this by running services.msc (or navigate to services via the Windows control panel) and locating the jenkins service. This should resolve the first problem.

The second problem can be resolved by using UNC paths (as you tried above) instead of network drives.

The Jenkins wiki has an article about problems like this: My software builds on my computer but not on Jenkins

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Jenkins is running on a VM server - I (trandal) was logged in when the service was started. I didn't say it above, but I can use any/all commands (and run the script) when I'm on the server. I'm going to go look it up - not sure what you mean by "services context" – T.j. Randall Apr 26 '11 at 19:38
I've updated my answer to clarify. – Anders Lindahl Apr 26 '11 at 20:19
Thank you very much for the clarification! I updated Jenkins to run under a named user, as well as mapped a drive per the Jenkins wiki link. Thank you again!! – T.j. Randall Apr 26 '11 at 21:20

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