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hello every one i have run my code through gdb commands but i am getting an error program exit with code 05 can any one please tell me what this mean

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You have included very little information about what is going on. Is your program compiling? Are you stepping through it with gdb? If so, is it hitting an exit state you defined to return 05?

If it is none of the above, it is most likely an I/O error according to the standard error numbers for C. Slightly more details here: http://www.barricane.com/c-error-codes-include-errno

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If gdb did not reveal anything, you could try running your program with a system call tracer.

For example on Linux you would use:

strace <my program>

on Solaris:

truss <my programm>

Perhaps you see a system call failure that explains what is going on.

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