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I want to add on a div a description text, and when a user click's on that text I want to appear a lightbox or popup with some external content. How do I make this?

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Do you mean you wish to use a lightbox plugin? Like colorpowered.com/colorbox –  gutierrezalex Apr 26 '11 at 17:57

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Can you provide some sample code of the "div a description text" you are going to have setup. Setting up a lightbox is usually fairly simple if your using jQuery I would find a plugin that does what you need and then the code will be something similar to this

function descPopUp(){
     $("#divid a").lightbox();
     //or a class could be use on the anchor text
     //also some functions might require you to bind it to click
     $("#divid a").click(function(){

I am guessing your html will look something like this

<div id="someid">
 <a href="#" class="desc" onclick="javascript:descPopUp()">Description text</a>
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