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From everything I've read, the i5 2500K processor disables it's integrated graphics if it detects an external GPU. I've got a motherboard that doesn't have an integrated video port so I have to add a PCI video card. I can't find any video cards that don't have a dedicated GPU. Does that mean that in order to use the AVX instructions you have to use a motherboard with onboard video?

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AVX is nothing to do with the GPU - it's a SIMD extension on the CPU itself. – Paul R Apr 26 '11 at 18:28

Yes, you can use AVX. It doesn't depend on a graphics card.

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You are mixing some different things together:

AVX is an extension of the x86 instruction set architecture and can be used with supporting software under Windows 7 SP1 to speed up calculation. This has nothing to do with the intgreated GPU in the Sandybridge CPU family.

To answer you other question: If you have a P67 based motherboard you can not use the integrated GPU, so you need a dedicated graphics card. If you want to use the integrated GPU you need a H67 based motherboard or a board with the new Z67 chipset, which will be released in the next days.

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