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I've been using Apache POI for some time to read existing Excel 2003 files programmatically. Now I have a new requirement to create entire .xls files in-memory (still using Apache POI) and then write them to a file at the end. The only problem standing in my way is the handling of cells with dates.

Consider the following code:

Date myDate = new Date();
HSSFCell myCell;
// code that assigns a cell from an HSSFSheet to 'myCell' would go here...

When I write the workbook containing this cell out to a file and open it with Excel, the cell is displayed as a number. Yes, I do realize that Excel stores its 'dates' as the number of days since January 1 1900 and that is what the number in the cell represents.

QUESTION: What API calls can I use in POI to tell it that I want a default date format applied to my date cell?

Ideally I want the spreadsheet cell to be displayed with the same default date format that Excel would have assigned it if a user had manually opened the spreadsheet in Excel and typed in a cell value that Excel recognized as being a date.

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CellStyle cellStyle = wb.createCellStyle();
CreationHelper createHelper = wb.getCreationHelper();
    createHelper.createDataFormat().getFormat("m/d/yy h:mm"));
cell = row.createCell(1);
cell.setCellValue(new Date());
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Thanks ninja, this works for me. One comment for others who need to do this. There is a POI class named BuiltinFormats that lists out all the standard formats (not just date formats) that Excel knows. I'm sticking with one of those to use as my parameter to the getFormat() method shown in the snippet above. –  Jim Tough Apr 27 '11 at 12:08
The important part is in the comments of the link: we style the second cell as a date (and time). It is important to create a new cell style from the workbook otherwise you can end up modifying the built in style and effecting not only this cell but other cells. –  CGK Sep 24 '13 at 13:27

This example is for working with .xlsx file types. This example comes from a .jsp page used to create a .xslx spreadsheet.

import org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.*; //import needed

XSSFWorkbook  wb = new XSSFWorkbook ();  // Create workbook
XSSFSheet sheet = wb.createSheet();      // Create spreadsheet in workbook
XSSFRow row = sheet.createRow(rowIndex); // Create the row in the spreadsheet

//1. Create the date cell style
XSSFCreationHelper createHelper = wb.getCreationHelper();
XSSFCellStyle cellStyle         = wb.createCellStyle();
createHelper.createDataFormat().getFormat("MMMM dd, yyyy")); 

//2. Apply the Date cell style to a cell

//This example sets the first cell in the row using the date cell style
cell = row.createCell(0);
cell.setCellValue(new Date());
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