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If L = [['abc 1234',2], ['foo 1',2] , ['bar 12312434',2]]

How would slice L to get everything up to the first space

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I love these Python speed-codings. They clearly show how fast coding in Python happens in practice. ;) – ulidtko Apr 26 '11 at 18:33
Of course if it's always the three first characters you can use [i[0][0:3] for i in L]. – Benjamin Apr 26 '11 at 19:00

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In [1]: L = [['abc 1234',2], ['foo 1',2] , ['bar 12312434',2]]

In [2]: [x[0].split(' ')[0] for x in L]
Out[2]: ['abc', 'foo', 'bar']
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L = [['abc 1234',2], ['foo 1',2] , ['bar 12312434',2]]
print [x[0].split()[0] for x in L]
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for i in range(len(L)):
    s = L[i][0]
    s = s.split(' ')[0]
    L[i] = s
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Ewwww. Learn list comprehensions, dude! – ulidtko Apr 26 '11 at 18:37
@ulidtko Meh, I gave an answer the way I would resort to do it, doesn't mean it has to be accepted or upvoted – keepitreall89 Apr 26 '11 at 18:39

In the cases you present, the spaces always occur in the same postion. If you know this will be the case, you could do something like:

L = [['abc 1234',2], ['foo 1',2] , ['bar 12312434',2]]
L2 = [x[0][0:3] for x in L]
print L2


['abc', 'foo', 'bar']

Of course, if the spaces can occur in different positions, then you'd be better off using one of the solutions using str.split().

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I find that list comprehensions are sometimes more difficult to read, I would prefer to keep separate the looping and the extraction:

def extract(element):
    """Extracts the string until the first space of the first element of a list
    >>> extract(['abc 1234',2])
    return element[0].split()[0]

so that you can do some tests on single elements:


and then apply this with a list comprehension or using map [applies function to each element of a list]:

['abc', 'foo', 'bar']
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