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I haven't worked with bbcodes or regex much in the past, but I've found a couple of tutorials that helped me figure out the basic way to do it. I want to use a certain method, so I combined some of the methods from those tutorials to get what I want. Only thing is that it's not working. I get an error saying "Compilation failed: unmatched parentheses at offset 11" I have no idea what offset 11 means and I've checked all my parentheses and there are no unclosed sets. Here's my code:

function bbParse($string){

    $codes = array(
        '/\[b\](.+?)\[\/b\]/' => '<b>$1</b>', 
        '/\[h2\](.+?)\[\/h2\]/' => '<h2>$1</h2>', 
        '/\[h3\](.+?)\[\/h3\]/' => '<h3>$1</h3>', 
        '/\[p\](.+?)\[\/p\]/' => '<p>$1</p>', 
        '/\[quote\](.+?)\[\/quote\]/' => '<blockquote>$1</blockquote>', 
        '/\[img\](.+?)\[\/img\]/' => '<img src=\'$1\' alt=\'Image Not Available\'>',
        '/\[url=\(.+?)\](.+?)\[\/url\]/' => '<a href=\'$1\'>$2</a>'

            $string = preg_replace(array_keys($codes), array_values($codes), $string);

        return $string;

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You've asked 9 questions with no accepted answers. Doesn't give anyone much incentive to help. Just thought I'd point that out. – shmeeps Apr 26 '11 at 19:01

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The first grouping paren in this regex is escaped, making it a literal parenthesis character. The closing one therefore has no matching opening paren. You need to remove the \ preceding the first parenthesis, making it thus:


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It appears that the very last entry is the culprit. The opening parent is escaped with a backslash, which might not be what you are wanting.

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Here you escape a (, so it fails because there is no ( to the next ):

'/\[url=\(.+?)\](.+?)\[\/url\]/' => '<a href=\'$1\'>$2</a>'
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