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This is first time I am trying to facebook connect (php)

While I try the method 'without javascript & xfbml' the page gets redirected to the login page of facebook, but on typing in my credentials the page get redirected to<app-id>&connect=1&type=connect

But when I reload the page that includes the facebook sdk the session exists. Any clue whats going on ?

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How about sharing your code with us?! – ifaour Apr 26 '11 at 19:43

i think this is a facebook setting, in particular, i believe you need to set your "site url" in core_settings / web site for your app.

I am almost certain that this has nothing to do with your actual app, rather, i think it is a facebook auth/config setting that needs to be changed because i run into this every time i clone a working app but i hastily set up the app on fb.

good luck!

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