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I have a simple jQuery question I can't seem to find the answer too. So for the website I'm working on, when you hover over a main navigation item a sub menu display below it, and hides on mouseout of the main item. That works fine but I need to cancel the hide if the mouse also scrolls over the sub menu item so it can actually be clicked. Any suggestions?

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Can you post the html and jquery for your menu? –  Damp Apr 26 '11 at 20:21
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Submenu must be a child of the navigation menu item you are hovering. thus when moving to submenu you still stay in the same element so mouseout never happens.

that's a basic idea. but you if you need details post some code.

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If you use

ul html elements and try to use , if you buid your menu as below..it should be good


try to use mousenter , istead of mousover

mousenter and mouseleave , 

it should work for you , otherwise post html , we can easily fix the problem

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