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I've created a module called "home" in Symfony.

I want css used by elements found only within this module to be in a separate home.css file.

I've created the file apps/frontend/modules/home/config/view.yml and placed inside it:

    stylesheets: [home.css]

apps/frontend/config/view.yml contains the line:

stylesheets:    [reset.css, main.css]

I was expecting loading the page /home to result in reset.css, main.css and home.css being loaded in that order. However, it loads main.css and then home.css, ignoring reset.css and not placing the files in the desired order.

Am I doing something wrong here? I am new to Symfony.

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you must ad "all:" in your view.yml

  stylesheets:    [reset.css, main.css]

for the order of the stylesheets, you could work with "-". If you want that reset and main are loaded before try stylesheets: [-reset.css, -main.css]

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