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Have only used excel for the basics, wrestling with this problem here:

I have these ranges:

0-499 * 0

500-999 * 1

1000-1499 * 4

I would like to write a formula where what is in my cell will be multiplied by 0, 1, etc. depending on what range it falls into. Was able to figure out =IF(C21>=10000,C21*1) for if a value in a cell is greater or equal to 10,000, however I can't seem to figure out how to do ranges.

Not that tech-savvy when it comes to excel, any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for looking

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You can use another IF in the ELSE part of the expression, evaluation will stop as soon as a TRUE condition is met;

=A1 * IF(A1 < 500, 0, IF(A1 < 1000, 1, IF(A1 < 1500, 4, 0)))

(The last 0 is the case when the value is > 1499)

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You can use nested IF statements for doing ranges:

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How about nested Ifs?


Then you've got:

If it's less than 1000 another if:

  • If it's less than 500 You do the " * 0 "
  • If it's not (you are at 500-999 range, from the first if) You do the " * 1 "

Else it's not less than 1000:

  • You have your " * 4 "
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There are also free templates that you can adapt that use the "lookup" function; I found them at the following link: Free Templates that work with the following program Excel Statements. Hope this is helpful as a shortcut.

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