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EDIT: FIXED! read below


I have a Flash movie with AS3 that loads some XML files. When I try it in my computer, it works perfectly, but when I upload it to the server, it won't load anything from the XML's. I read something about crossdomain.xml and tried it, but it doesn't seem to help, maybe I'm doing something wrong. This is the crossdomain.xml that I place in the root of my server:

    <!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM "http://www.macromedia.com/xml/dtds/cross-domain-policy.dtd">


    <allow-access-from domain="www.mydomain.com" />

    <allow-access-from domain="mydomain.com" />


In case it matters, the page that loads the swf is not in the root of the server, it's inside a folder, but the structure is the same as in my computer. Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance!


I solved this exporting the html file that contains the swf directly from Flash, instead of creating one with Dreamweaver, which is what I had done before. Don't know exactly why, but now it works...

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