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I am trying to build a disk based block level cache, with SSD as a cache for HDD's . the way I am implemented is by creating a logical device is dev. creating a FS, mounting a directory on it. When i register my module, my call back functions will be register for the device i created., so any request on the files will come to my module. where I maintain a cache map in the memory to see if the requested block is there in the SSd cache, if yes send the request to the SSd else to the HDD i will get the physical path of SSd and HDD during module init. I am stuck at finding the logical block address of the requested block from the kernel data structures used to handle block I/O. there is a kernel data strucure dio which holds soem fields called next_block_forio. but that is not passed to the driver. bio is the data structure based to the driver. which Data structure should i look into to find the LBA

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I believe you are looking for the bi_sector field in struct bio.

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