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The QSlider documentation says, "A slider accepts focus on Tab and provides both a mouse wheel and a keyboard interface." Is there an easy way to assign a hotkey to it to give it focus similar to how one can assign an Alt key for QCheckboxes?

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If you have an associated label, you should be able to use QLabel::setBuddy(QWidget*). Otherwise, you could override the keyPressEvent for the parent form that would have focus and then call QSlider::setFocus(Qt::FocusReason).

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setBuddy() is the way to go. After posting the question I started to override keyPressEvent and was getting 4 events for each keypress; I hadn't gotten a chance to figure that out when I came back here to see if there was any response - forget about the override! –  dwj Apr 28 '11 at 3:18

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