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I am trying to add a new column to an existing database table. It is for a boolean and I am trying like below but getting the error:

Can not set boolean field org.jadefalcon.demo.domain.Users.permissionconceptsearchtab to null value

what I am trying (I found info on this from searching but it seems I am doing it wrong)

@Column(name = "permissionconceptsearchtab",nullable=false,
columnDefinition="boolean default false")
private boolean permissionconceptsearchtab;

I'd like to avoid having to drop the table and reload the data so am wondering what I need to do so it will make any existing rows as false when adding this new column. Thanks

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I'm not quite sure what this has to do with Hibernate - are you using a tool like hbm2ddl to auto-generate the SQL statements to create the table?

Simply add the column onto the table with an ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN ... statement, setting a DEFAULT false value in your SQL.

The exception you get from Hibernate is because a primitive type, like boolean can never be null, only true or false. A Boolean, however, can either be null, Boolean.TRUE, or Boolean.FALSE.

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