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snipmate comes with a ton of snippet files. This covers most of the bases. However I would like to add some snippet collections created by other users. When I download these the snippets are broken down into and placed in folders instead. I tried adding one of these folders to the location of the other snippet files (snipmate/snippets/) but it doesn't appear that VIM detected them.

I don't see much documentation on adding additional snippets so I must have overlooked something.

Any suggestions?

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Given that you are probably looking for rails snippets, I'd suggest you the ones that Mike Farmer wrote. You can find them here.

You can install them easily by doing:

git clone

rake deploy_local

As you can see he wrote a rake task for it and it worked very well for me!

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This works great. I had a gross misconception of how the snippets work. I expected respond_<tab> to give me a respond_to block, when in fact its is rest<tab> that does this. – recursive_acronym Apr 27 '11 at 0:52

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