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I apoligise if this has been asked many times before, but I'm wondering if anyone has a link to a good tutorial on implementing a working remote authentication system in Drupal 7. I'm new to Drupal.

I've found various examples online, but the system for doing this seems to have changed substantially between Drupal 5 to 6 to 7.

I have a working system that will allow me to authenticate a user remotely and adds the user to my drupal installation. However now I cant log in any Drupal only accounts (eg the admin) as I get an error saying that the username is unknown since the code is looking for my admin username in the external system.

I get an unrecognised username error. The code is being executed for both an external and an internal user.

I know its something simple.

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A common way to fix this is to just not do an external lookup for a specific username. You can probably expand this to be more fancy and not use a hardcoded username, but this should do the job.

Check http://omegadelta.net/2011/03/23/custom-authentication-with-drupal-7/ for a good example - particularly lines 38-42.

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Just what I needed. –  Toby Allen Apr 27 '11 at 7:57

External site login

Case on same server and try from any store on same path

like /store


require_once '../includes/bootstrap.inc';


global $user;

//change this line and put your username and password instead of 'admin' and 'password'

$account = user_authenticate('krishana', 'hiddens');

$user = user_load($account, TRUE);

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