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Currently I am building an app using phonegap for the Android and iOS systems. Essentially, it will be a website but I am running into some difficulties due the cross domain requests I need to make via ajax (same origin policy). Im wondering if its better to make the website on my own servers, where PHP is allowed, and then use a wrapper/frame in phonegap to emulate the site? How would that work?

Help appreciated

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You shouldn't be having this problem at all. PhoneGap apps are loaded on the device as local file:// pages, and the cross-domain security policy does not apply to them.

From the PhoneGap FAQ:

Q. I want to create an application for phonegap to access externally deployed web services via AJAX. How can i resolve the issue with the cross-domain security policy of XmlHttpRequest?

A. The cross-domain security policy does not affect PhoneGap applications. Since the html files are called by webkit with the file:// protocol, the security policy does not apply. (in Android,you may grant android.permission.INTERNET to your app by edit the AndroidManifest.xml)

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Dude you saved me some time, thank you – John Smith Apr 30 '11 at 5:03

If you are having issues with cross-domain requests then consider using something like jsonp as the data interchange format. Where are you requesting the data from?

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Right, I know jsonp can be used. But would it be easier to just code the web-app on my own servers, using php, and then use a wrapper or frame to display it in the app? – John Smith Apr 27 '11 at 4:27
That would be no problem, but then you don't need PhoneGap. It will simply be a regular website... which you can make look like a native app by putting its launcher icon on the homescreen. – Igor Ganapolsky May 1 '11 at 0:34

If I understand correctly, you want to create a PHP proxy for a cross domain service so that you can access it with your mobile app using phonegap? This is a pretty common thing, its done a lot in Flash as well to get past cross domain restrictions.

For one of my demos I need to access Google Images from Flash. To do so I created a VERY simple PHP proxy on my server called imageproxy.php. Here's the complete code:


Yep, thats its. So in your case, if you were using this PHP proxy on your server, you would send this proxy your target URL as a post variable and the proxy makes the request and returns the response via readfile().

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Right, but I couldn't do that in phonegap because they don't allow PHP in your app? How would I access the remote php script? Using JSONP? – John Smith Apr 27 '11 at 15:11

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