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I’m more or less a newb to Ruby on Rails, but I’ve been tasked with debuging a Rails app that guy that’s no longer around wrote. The app is running on a manchine using:

• Windows XP Professional

• Apache 2.2

• Rails 2.3.8

• mongrel (1.1.5 x86-mingw32)

• mongrel_service (0.3.4 i386-mswin32)

I copied the app from the server and did some debugging on it on my personal machine. I just setup a Git repository on my personal machine and cloned it back over to the server. Everything seems to be working great except mongrel_service doesn’t work anymore. Each time I try to start the service from Windows “Services” tool I get this error: The MYAPP_Mongrel_As_Service service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance Logs and Alerts service I tried removing the service with:

C:\MyApp>mongrel_rails service::remove --name MYAPP_Mongrel_As_Service
Stopping MYAPP_Mongrel_As_Service if running...
MYAPP_Mongrel_As_Service service removed

and reinstalling it with:

C:\MyApp>mongrel_rails service::install --name MYAPP_Mongrel_As_Service -c "C:\MyApp" --port 3001 --env
ironment production --address localhost --log "log\mongrel_as_service.log" --pid "tmp\pids\mongrel_a
MYAPP_Mongrel_As_Service service created.

But no matter how many times I try, or what options I use, I can’t get the service to run. What’s weird is that I can get mongrel to startup by itself just fine.

C:\MyApp>mongrel_rails start -c c:\MyApp --port 3001 --environment production --address localhost --
g "c:\MyApp\log\mongrel_as_service.log" --pid "C:\MyApp\tmp\pids\mongrel_as_service.pid"
** Starting Mongrel listening at localhost:3001
** Starting Rails with production environment...
** Rails loaded.
** Loading any Rails specific GemPlugins
** Signals ready.  INT => stop (no restart).
** Mongrel 1.1.5 available at localhost:3001
** Use CTRL-C to stop.

It just won’t work when I try to start it as a service. I've done a lot of googling on the subject, but I can't find anything to fix the problem. It's odd that it was working before but now it doesn't. There must be something wrong with my service::install line because I can't get the original unedited Rails app to work with mongrel_as_service either.

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I figured it out. It turns out that the log file for mongrel_service didn't exist on my file. To fix the problem, I just made a blank text file and renamed it to the name of my log file. It worked like a charm. It's odd that mongrel_service doesn't make it's own log file if it can't detected it, but oh well.

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