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We are currently creating a contact form - how would it be possible to reproduce line breaks in a textarea in the email sent by the contact form?

Thanks in advance

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What server-side program are you using to send mail? –  Shad Apr 27 '11 at 0:25
Can you elaborate, with some examples? –  ohmusama Apr 27 '11 at 0:25

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Just wrap your textarea content into <pre> element and define proper font for it in CSS:

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There are two options -- first, use c-smile's answer; all webmail clients and most if not all desktop clients should render <pre> tags properly.

Your other option is to parse the submitted text-area's text and turn newlines into <br> tags. If you want to be really nice about it you can change on \n into a <br> tag and two newlines in a row into a <p> tag.

This is a message.

With multiple paragraph-like structures.

would become either:

This is a message.<br>
With multiple paragraph-like structures.


<p>This is a message.</p>

<p>With multiple paragraph-like structures.</p>
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This may depend on the MSA software, but you could try to use CRLF line breaks instead of LF.

I've had issues with an MS Exchange server once...

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