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I've a task to test different user agents on a URL through automation. I'm using ruby to code, and I've been trying to set an user agent using the following method, but it doesn't seem to recognize the user agent.

@http = Net::HTTP.new(URL)
response = @http.request_get(URL, {'User-Agent' => useragent})  

Is there any other way to do this, or what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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http = Net::HTTP.new("your.site.com", 80)
req = Net::HTTP::Get.new("/path/to/the/page.html", {'User-Agent' => 'your_agent'})
response = http.request(req)
puts response.body

Works great for me.

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Awesome!! Thanks.. this works perfectly! –  rubytester Apr 27 '11 at 21:37
Is there a way to set it globally so you don't have to set the hash on each call? –  g33kz0r Apr 24 at 17:34

Also another that work for me :

require 'open-uri'
html = open('http://your.site.com/the/page.html', 'User-Agent' => 'Ruby').read
puts html

Hope this will help you.

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The included Net::HTTPHeader has the initialize_http_header method:

@http = Net::HTTP.new(URL)
@http.initialize_http_header({'User-Agent' => useragent})
response = @http.request_get(URL)  


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