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I have a vb.net program that is failing, but giving no errors. I've just discovered that the code I am using is deprecated. But what is the replacment? (That seems like something useful for MSDN to list, but I'm sure not seeing it.)

Private Sub SetConnectionToDB(ByRef oCMD As OracleCommand)
    Dim connectionString As String
    connectionString = My.Settings.ImportDataConnectionString
    Dim OraDBConnection As OracleConnection
    OraDBConnection = New OracleConnection(connectionString)

    oCMD.Connection = OraDBConnection
    oCMD.CommandType = CommandType.Text
End Sub
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This msdn page states that

This type is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of the .NET Framework. For more information, see Oracle and ADO.NET.

Oracle and ADO.NET states

The types in System.Data.OracleClient are deprecated. The types are supported in version 4 of the .NET Framework but will be removed in a future release. Microsoft recommends that you use a third-party Oracle provider.

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I know this was asked (and answered) a long time ago, but in case anyone else is just discovering this, I personally recommend using Oracle Data Provider for .NET.

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