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Using mvc, a user updates his profile. This is how my update action looks:

    public ActionResult EditUser(string id, UserEditViewModel model)
        Mapper.CreateMap<UserEditViewModel, SimpleUser>();
        var user = Mapper.Map<UserEditViewModel, SimpleUser>(model);


        //Re-populating the countries.
        var countries = geoService.GetCountries();
        model.Countries = countries.Select(c => new SelectListItem { Text = c.Name, Value = c.CountryId.ToString() });

        return View(model);

First of all, am I doing this correct? By writing the countries populating code twice (1 in GET and 1 here).

Second, how do I give the user some form of a feed back that they have successfully updated their profile?

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Could just add a flag to your model to toggle an "update successful" message. Or maybe a boolean and a string so you can also render some sort of an error message. – R0MANARMY Apr 27 '11 at 1:36
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Since you've created a specific view model for the user edit page (nice approach, by the way), I would actually add the message as a property on that view model itself. After all, it exists specifically to contain data for your view, so why complicate things/add inconsistency by throwing a key/value pair into ViewData? That's the way I see it at least.

Oh, and incidentally, if you're using Automapper, and it looks like you are (another nice approach) you may consider putting your Mapper.CreateMap in someplace other than the action itself. There is a little overhead there. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the automapper tip, could you explain alittle more about how to move it from the action? – Shawn Mclean Apr 27 '11 at 2:18
@Lol coder: You could move your Mapper.CreateMap calls into the constructor, that'd probably be the easiest. Nothing else would have to change--so you can still continue to call Mapper.Map just like you have it. – ataddeini Apr 27 '11 at 2:40

Yes, we will normally have to query twice, first to popule the screen and the second time to re-populate. You can always cache the values on the first retrieve and use the cached values on the postback action to re-populate the screen.

Set your message in ViewData (MVC-2) or ViewBag (MVC-3) and display to the user.

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So something like ViewData["Success"] = true? – Shawn Mclean Apr 27 '11 at 1:53
@Lol coder - yes, that is one method, or ViewData["Message"] = "Profile updated";, then you can display the contents on the screen. – Leons Apr 27 '11 at 1:59

You can:

  • redirect to a different view that contains an 'update successful' message
  • redirect to the 'Details' view (they will understand and 'see' that their changes have been saved)
  • pass a message to the view through the ViewData/ViewBag, then the view can display this.
    You could even have that logic in your layout page so that any view can display a message at the top of the screen, or something like that.
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It might be better to create a common / helper method for your model for all this stuff, something like:

  private void SetupCountries() {
       //Re-populating the countries.
       var countries = geoService.GetCountries();
       model.Countries = countries.Select(c => new SelectListItem { Text = c.Name, Value = c.CountryId.ToString() });

Then in all of your actions in the controller, you can just call it without typing those code again.

  public ActionResult EditUser(.... {
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I would just use

TempData["StatusMessage"] = "Your messsaga"

You can use tempdata for stuff only needed till next request.

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