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I have several hundred (static - no includes or server-side parsing) HTML pages. I would like to validate the HTML (XHTML 1.0 Transitional), but the idea of plugging each of them individually into the W3C Validator - or even using a Firefox plug-in to open each one - fills me with dread.

Does anyone know of any (Windows) apps that can do bulk validation? The "Validate entire site" feature on is the closest I've come, but that's limited to 100 pages.

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You should be able to find something based on the html tidy library.

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What is the problem with downloading the source and running it locally?

Source code is here

There is also A Real Validator for Windows, specially.

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We have written a tool that does this - upto 50,000 URLS in one go, our servers crunch all the data and e-mail you out a report:

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