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i need to ask only simple question 345WRG4453.com.appdomain.appname is bundle id for example in itunes connect i already filled out all info about app but i wrote only com.appdomain.appname in itunes connect as bundle id now when i want to edit this bundle id in itunes connect its not possible, or i cannot find the way how to edit it and when i want to delete app it says i will not be able to use the same name of app again it displays message: Are you sure you want to delete this app? Deleting it will permanently remove it from iTunes Connect, along with any associated In-App Purchases. The App Name and SKU will not be reusable, even once the app is deleted. If you have uploaded a binary or set up this app for the iAd Network, your Bundle ID will not be reusable either. sounds a bit scary i dont want to change the app name in app and i dont want to lose it because its pretty nice.

if someone would be so kind to help me.

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345WRG4453. is basically ignored as long as you select the correct profile when you build.

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