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Is there anyway to reconcile the two ? Ie when i set the text of a richtextform from a string, a given characters index in the string does not match the position of it in the textbox.

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Make sure the WordWrap property is False.

On extremely long lines you're going to run into RightMargin. It is not infinite, the maximum right margin depends on the font size.

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It seems to be okay, with this my sample text:

"Provide details and share your research. Avoid statements based solely on opinion; only make statements you can back up with an appropriate reference, or personal experiences"

Using the code:

  richTextBox1.Text.IndexOf("back up");
  textBox1.Text.IndexOf("back up");

Both have results of: 112

It seems you are using the Rtf property of the RichTextBox that contains extra tags for its formatting?

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