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While the question is awfully specific to my problem, more hypothetical and subjective answers will totally suffice here...

I may be tasked in the near future with implementing a website that requires a blog, storefront, and bulletin board system all under the same domain as the web-presence of a particular entity.

The reason for the consolidation request is because the entity is tired of maintaining each separate system and wants a more consolidated web presence, both for the user (Single Sign On for all three systems), and for the administrators who publish content, maintain the store inventory, and moderate the forums...

Again, I don't expect a HOW TO on each individual system, but more of a conceptual how-to here...

Should I pick one platform and use it as the "centralized" account system, linking all login/logout/registration operations to it while modifying the session detection of each subsystem to detect the login-platform's user status, or should I create three separate accounts in each system simultaneously and log them all in when one does?

What is the cleanest implementation of such a requirement?

I imagine reinventing the wheel here and developing my own central user-management framework with a blog, store and forum is a total waste of time, so how do professional sites merge user-bases from multiple pre-existing frameworks?

Expected Environment Characteristics:

  • Shared database amongst all three subsystems
  • Shared domain amongst all three subsystems
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Alright, given the silence on this issue, I take it this is not an approach I should be taking... –  Rimer Aug 3 '11 at 15:25

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I don't know about vBulletin, but I've created a couple of plugins to integrate Magento and Wordpress. You can find them here:

Single Sign-on for Magento and Wordpress

Magento WordPress Integration

Let me know if either of them help you out.

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