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I need to make my share buttons use an url that is returned by javascript. (instead of sharing the current address)

The variable that holds the url I want to share is: #url. I can't seem to manage to not make the buttons share the current address. Any ideas?

These are the share buttons:

<a id="twtbutton" href="http://twitter.com/share" class="twitter-share-button" data-count="horizontal" data-via="theclocktwt">Tweet</a><script type="text/javascript" src="http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js"></script></div>

<fb:like id="fbbutton" send="false" layout="button_count" width="450" show_faces="false" font="" style="position: absolute; left:110px;"></fb:like>

In case it matters the page works like this: The user inputs an url and with a script I return him a new url which displays an iframe of the page he inputted and scares the user after some seconds. I'm hosting the project here till it's done: http://www.chusmix.com/tests/home/ Actually this is the last thing and I'll finish.


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You wish to change the link on the buttons? –  mattsven Apr 27 '11 at 3:42
Yes, I want to modify the address the share buttons share. I know it can be done but I can't manage to do it. I think it's easy with jquery –  lisovaccaro Apr 27 '11 at 3:45
Bad news: both buttons use iframes, and since they are on different domains than yours, you cannot interact with them. You can, though, create an overlay link that will sit on top of the share buttons. –  mattsven Apr 27 '11 at 3:47
OT: Nice, scared me :P Although the scary image is one I've seen before. –  mattsven Apr 27 '11 at 3:52
ahh Thanks a lot! I can do it with the tweet button. But I don't understand how to do it with the like button. Is there something such as a "like address" I can point the user to and change the referrer or something? Thanks –  lisovaccaro Apr 27 '11 at 3:56

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