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I have a nice piece of software written in Erlang, over the past few weeks I have developed a gui using wxWidgets. Its decent at best, the nightmares come from the fact that there is no gui wysiwyg type of a program that writes erlang.


I am looking to code my gui in another language and link it somehow (the somehow is not important, I will figure it out)

I have looked into both QT and C++ Builder and am strongly considering either of the two. However before I finally take the plunge I need some advice from users who have been here. Which of the two should I choose and is there a better option?

wxWidgets and GTK are out of the question

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It sounds like you've covered the range of modern C++ GUI options (two you're considering, and two you're not). Qt is an excellent choice, but I've never used C++ Builder.

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I haven't any experience with C++ Builder, but considering QT I can say, that it's very good choice. Plenty of good straightforward examples and the best reference documentation I have ever seen make learning QT quite easy process.

Besides that I have found a small article concerning comparison of Qt and C++ Builder.

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note that the linked article is quite old. There have been about 5 versions of Builder C++ since version 6.0 –  Gregor Brandt Apr 27 '11 at 14:54

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