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Does anyone know how to test the below @MultipartForm RestEasy Webservice? I'm unsure of how to setup the request to the below service, any ideas?

public Response create(@MultipartForm FileUploadForm form) {
    return null;

public class FileUploadForm {
    private byte[] filedata;

    public FileUploadForm() {}

    public byte[] getFileData() {
        return filedata;

    public void setFileData(final byte[] filedata) {
        this.filedata = filedata;
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Please see the following blog. Maybe this is what you are looking for: http://ankiewsky.blogspot.com/2008/07/resteasy-tips-part-1.html

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This appears to be a duplicate of:

RestEasy client framework file upload

I just posted an answer with some general guidelines on how I just got this working over there.

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